Sports and deep tissue massage therapy


My name is Mark Sears and I have been a licensed professional massage therapist since 2011. I am a graduate of the Living Arts Institute, one of the leading massage and bodywork schools in North Carolina. As owner of Corrective Massages, located in Winston-Salem, my mission is to help clients improve and maintain their physical well-being through physical fitness, nutrition and achieving balance through massage therapy. Bodywork relieves physical stress, and I strongly believe routine massage therapy is a crucial tool for enhancing overall health and wellness. 

*Awarded Massage Therapist of the year for Greensboro in 2013

* Nominee for Massage Therapist of the year for NC
* Managers Choice Award 2015


"As the editor of a national chronic pain publication, I understand the value of massage when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Mark's corrective approach has been restorative; helping reduce pain and becoming an important part of my wellness routine over the past two years. I trust his expertise and appreciate the time he takes to listen to my goals and needs."

"As a client of Mark Sears for well over a year now he has helped me in many ways. When I first started seeing him I had a neck injury that shut my whole right side down. I couldn't lift over 20lbs, do a push-up or dip with my own body weight. Over time he has got me back to 100% not only in the gym but also in my career as well, as a pro wrestler. I can honestly say Mark cares for his clients, their over all health and daily functions." 

"After years of searching for a massage therapist that possessed the qualities I desired, I finally found one! Mark is not only courteous and professional, but has a deep knowledge of the soft tissues and joints."